Beach'N Boat Wrench (Red)

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Magnetic Beach’N Boat Drain Plug Wrench for ½ inch NPT Plug

Never go looking for a twist-in drain plug wrench again! 

Attach to the outside of your trailer for quick, and easy access or put it behind the frame to keep it hidden away.  Either way, it will always be there for quick use.

The innovative design of this US Patented boat tool includes:  

The handy wrench is also specifically designed with a custom, incredibly strong, integrated magnet to keep the Beach’N Boat Wrench conveniently stored on your boat trailer between use. Tested over 5 years and 100,000 road miles to ensure it stays firmly in place on-the-go.


Designed and Made in USA

Will not rust!  Limited Lifetime warranty

Simple, but very practical, and strong enough to remove an overtightened boat drain plug without breaking.


Bullet Points:

  • Designed with a 9/16 inch square hole at one end of the handle to remove or install your threaded boat drain plug
  • Includes and provides storage for one replacement ½ inch NPT Brass Boat Drain Plug at second end of handle
  • Extra strong magnet securely attaches wrench to boat trailer to ensure convenient on-the-go access
  • Manufactured from aircraft grade, corrosion resistant Aluminum; anodized for durability
  • Boat tool measures 5.9-by-1.5-by-0.25 inches; US patented marine wrench is Designed and Made in the USA 

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Posted by Kevin Singleton on Sep 1st 2020
I saw this product advertised on THT, and checked it out on the website. It is absolutely perfect for the role it performs. The plug is secured in the wrench when not in use, it fits perfectly into my boat tool bag. I can extract the wrench and the plug, as one unit, using only one hand, and, unlike the adjustable wrench I have been using, it never needs adjustment to fit the drain plug. Thanks, so much, for this product, and for providing quality at a reasonable price, made in the USA!
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