Why did we choose brass over stainless steel for our NPT Plug?

  • Our NPT Plugs are machined in-house, from solid marine grade round bar.  We chose this material over 316 stainless steel because we have see the harder stainless steel plugs have the potential to gall some of the female mating threaded parts, and also seize in the threads.  We like the forgiving nature of the softer brass, and it's long life durability for marine applications.


Is it true that it's a state law to remove your boat's NPT drain plug before and after entering the water?

  • 40+ states now require the boat owner to remove their drain plug, and therefore any water in their boat prior to entering any lakes or waterways. 
  • From the Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

    Preventing the spread of aquatic nuisance species starts with you – the boat operator. A cooperative effort is necessary by all persons and agencies involved with boating to protect natural resources and recreational opportunities. 

    Boats, trailers and equipment can easily transport invasive species. CPW focuses professional watercraft inspection and decontamination services at the highest risks waters. There will never be enough resources to have boat inspections on every ramp in the state. Therefore, all boat operators are required to clean, drain and dry in between each and every use to prevent the spread of harmful invasive species.

    In fact, it is now illegal in many states to have your drain plug installed while your boat is trailered on public roads. Boat operators are also required to remove all water drain plugs prior to transport. It is no longer legal to transport a boat and trailer (conveyance) over land with plants on board or plugs in place.  According to the ANS inspector, you can be pulled over for this if it is spotted by a LEO. He said it is a "primary" offense, meaning they don't need any other reason to pull you over. So leave those plugs out until you get to the ANS inspection station.  So yes, pull your drain plug, and store it in the BeachN Boat Wrench for safe keeping until your next visit to the water.